Hi there,  I’m Keenan.  I’m a mechanical engineer with a passion for health and fitness.  I’ll be taking an engineering approach to fitness and condensing the knowledge I have garnered from my personal athletic performance and from scouring the depths of the Internet to provide you with answers.  


I have an athletic background, competing in three varsity level sports during my high school years, water polo, basketball, and swimming; and continued to the collegiate level for water polo.  Unfortunately, due to a myriad of reasons not least being recurring knee injuries, I didn’t last long in the collegiate level and that letdown helped to fuel my thirst for knowledge of perfecting the human body.  


I’ve now started Crossfit at Crossfit Invictus.  Be sure to follow my progress here, from the very beginning to where I am now.


My overarching goal with Crossfit is to first lessen or eliminate my movement dysfunctions and subsequent pains, and gain strength in fundamental, functional movements.  Which include moving weight (additional or bodyweight) in any functional movement pattern, whether that be hip hinging (deadlift, cleans etc), squatting (back, front, overhead), overhead movements (strict press, handstand pushups) while improving metabolic conditioning.

I hope to give everyone a good picture of the life cycle of a crossfit athlete, beginning from the very start.   Additionally I hope that the compilation of my knowledge and experiences will help you lead a smarter, more efficient, and more enjoyable life!