I wrote this up in January but wasn’t able to publish it until now, better late than never though, right?


Seeing as it is January, I thought it would be a good time to post about my fitness goals for 2017!


Now i’ve broken these up into two categories – health and fitness.  While they both intertwine, I am focusing my health goals on nutrition and mental health for the time being; and leaving the physical feats to fitness.


I’ve formulated these goals in such a way as to make them easily repeatable, so as to create habits.  I am a firm believer in habits, and think that anyone who wants to change their lives needs to create new habits and/or replace their bad habits.  These goals are designed to be able to be done once a day or multiple times a week, and will be implemented as short routines.  




  1. Drink Dr. Axe Superfood greens 1x a day
  2. Drink a minimum of 128 oz of water daily
  3. Meditate for 5 minutes every morning




  1. Workout 3x/week
  2. Bump up wrist strengthening routine to 4x/week
  3. Improve ankle dorsiflexion
  4. Improve thoracic extension
  5. Improve internal hip rotation


My plan for achieving these is to create easy to go through routines where I can put in some time daily or on select days a week.  I figure my fitness goals will be most achievable by staying for ~15 minutes after my WODs and going through my mobility routine.  For my health goals, I’ll stick to drinking my superfood greens with my nightly Turmeric and ZMA supplements, and continuously refill my water bottle periodically.


The benchmarks for the mobility goals will be to hold a freestanding handstand and have a perfect front squat by the end of this year.


What’re your goals?