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68 oz Water jug.


Nike Romaleos 2 – Weightlifting Shoe Review

Preface: I have had a pair of these for just over a year now and have enjoyed them thoroughly.



The Nike Romaleos 2 is a premier weightlifting shoe designed for experienced power lifters, weightlifters, crossfitters or any serious lifter.  They’re improved over the first version by weighing lighter (50g each) and having increased flexibility in the forefoot to improve dynamic movements such as olympic lifting.


Some quick asides before we dive in:

  • Insoles – Comes with a training and a competition insole.  The competition is designed to be stiffer, I didn’t find much of a difference between them


  • Color – Unlike other weightlifting shoes it comes in a range of colors (style points?)


  • Wide – Every now and then someone mentions that they fit wider feet better.  With the two metatarsal straps I believe any size foot will be secure.


  • Arches – Noticeable arch support for those with flatter feet.  May feel uncomfortable for some, but I found no issue.  I have flat feet and tend to over pronate on squatting movements, leading to collapsed knees and ankles.  The arch support has significantly helped me during any squatting movement by providing proper support.


Alright, lets get started.

Nike Romaleos 2

Price: $170 USD

Manufacturer: Nike

Where to buy: Amazon ($260!) or Rogue ($170)




  • Durable:  I’ve had my pair for just over a year and can attest to their durability.  If you make sure to wear them only inside the gym, they should last for many years.  The only thing I could see wearing out is the laces and that would come from continually getting entangled with the velcro straps.  Tucking your laces into the shoe after each use will solve that.

Nike Romaleos 2 Blue

Year old Nike Romaleos 2, still in great condition

  • Versatile: Comes with a heel height of 0.75 inches.  Perfect for increasing squat depth, while maintaining a decent height from which to pull from the floor.  Also has enough forward flexibility in the toe box for dynamic movements.  Great for weightlifters and power lifters alike.

Nike Romaleos 2 Blue Reverse


  • Stability:  I was seriously impressed by how stable I felt squatting in these.  The unique arch support ensures that any force you generate is directly and evenly distributed to the ground.  It comes with two metartarsal straps to lock your feet in and prevent any lateral movement.


Nike Romaleos 2 Arch Support


  • Long Top Strap: The top strap is a bit too long and can drag along the floor.  It shouldn’t get in the way of any movement, its merely an eyesore.  There’s also the option of taking it to a cobbler or a pair of scissors.


  • Price:  For general fitness or weekend warriors, these are too pricy.  Only experienced and serious lifters should consider these.



There is a reason that the Nike Romaleo II’s are the weightlifting world’s premier shoe.  They provide top notch stability and durability, ensuring that force is transferred quickly and directly into the ground and thereby increasing your performance and safety.  They’re a great purchase for the experienced lifter willing to pay a premium for a quality shoe.  The average gym goer or weekend warrior would not benefit enough to justify the high price tag.



Click Here for the cheapest pair I could find.

Rogue Voodoo Floss Bands Review

If you’ve ever seen somebody use a Voodoo Floss band before, you probably wondered what exactly they were hoping to accomplish by wrapping a band around some body part and then moving it around.  Moreover, if you managed to actually talk with the owner you probably heard some fantastic tale of it solving pain that had been nagging them for years.  Understandably you were a bit skeptical so you went to the Internet to find the truth.  Lets see how Voodoo Floss Bands stack up.


First things first.


Price: $24 USD for (2) 7’ bands or $42 USD for (1) 28’ band.

Manufacturer: Rogue Fitness

Where to buy: Rogue  


How they work:

Voodoo Floss Bands provide compression to a specific joint or muscle(s).  When this compression is coupled with movement, a phenomena known as ‘tacking and flossing’, multiple things occur.  It improves range of motion by helping to reduce tissue restriction, improve joint mechanics, and push swelling out of the area and further into the lymphatic system.  


How to use:  Voodoo Floss Bands are very simple to use and merely require one, sometimes two, hands to wrap the band around the desired area.  Dr. Kelly Starrett recommends to wrap the band towards the heart, beginning at the furthest point from the heart for the desired area.  An example for a knee wrap would be to begin wrapping below the knee and work up towards your quadriceps.




Easy: There is essentially zero learning curve, just wrap the band around the desired area and tuck it back into itself and start mobilizing.  Also it is very easy to carry around in a gym bag or anywhere on the go.


Longevity: This is a quality product that I have used for 3 years now and it works just as well as when I first purchased it.  It will fade over time and usage, but we aren’t shooting for cool points here.


Multi purpose:  Can be used for mobilizing/stretching to improve movement and to reduce inflammation from nagging injuries/help recover for the next workout.  This is huge as most mobility tools are single facet like foam rollers just providing myofascial release.  Perfect for warming up for a WOD or cooling down and stretching afterwards.


Quick Results:  Only takes up to a minute or two of mobilizing to make immediately noticeable changes to your physiology.  This is especially prominent if you’re trying to work out inflammation.  I have personally used them as part of my treatment protocol for Osgood Schlatter (link), sprained ankles (link), and recurrent wrist problems (link); and can attest to their efficiency.  After a bout of basketball my knees swell up to nearly a softball, yet the bands will take the overwhelming majority of the inflammation out of there, allowing me to walk limp free.


Adaptability:  Nearly any part of your limbs (legs/arms) so ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, shoulders, etc can be treated.  Stay away from the trunk as they were not designed for that.




Partner can help: Some positions can be tough to wrap such as elbows or shoulders, having a partner in these situations will make it much easier.  I highly recommend mobilizing at your box with a friend, both before or after a WOD as it is makes the time go much faster.










Here I am flossing my elbow.  This would be a time to have a partner to help wrap you.


Should Clean: I say should clean because I have cleaned my own set once in the preceeding three years; however, I do the majority of my mobilizations at home when im not sweaty.  If you find yourself using the bands to warmup or cool down from workouts, you’re likely sweating a fair amount and they can attract dirt and other grime.  A quick wash with some soap will make them sparkle again! 


Marks:  You will more than likely see redness and marks from your use of the bands.  If you begin to notice any tingling sensations, the band is probably too tight, loosen it up before continuing to save those nerves.  Any marks you see shouldn’t last long, between 5-20 minutes is common.  We aren’t here to look pretty anyways, heck they can complement the rest of your gym scars.



The Voodoo Floss Bands are one of the premier mobility products for any athlete and I personally consider them one of my top three mobility tools along with my lacrosse ball and foam roller.  I recommend this product to anybody dealing with inflammation in their arms and legs, those trying to improve their mobility and movement patterns, and to anyone wishing to spend a few minutes doing some preventative maintenance to avoid future injuries.  I’ll be providing future guides on the use of Voodoo Bands with regards to specific injuries and mobilizations.


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