Started my first day of Crossfit at Crossfit Invictus.  For the first two weeks I have to take a fundamentals course going over all of the basics of Crossfit, from the warm up and stretching to technical positioning for movements.  Today we spent the first 25 or so minutes merely smashing our quads with barbells and doing some stretching.  The stretching started off with some banded hip distraction whilst in a lunge position to really work out the hip flexors.  Next we did around 10 or so repetitions of the ‘world’s greatest stretch’.


Following the warm up we began some movement sequences.  Pushups came first, with an emphasis on stacked joints and holding a hollow body position.  Lunges both forward and reverse came next, again the emphasis was on holding a tight core and splitting the work evenly between both legs.  After working on those we were shown the rower.  Push with the legs, hinge slightly with the back, and finish by pulling through with the arms.  From the top go in reverse order back to the starting position.  


We finished off with a quick two round WOD of 1 minute row, 1 minute pushups, and 1 minute weighted reverse lunges.  I got 22/18 pushups and 15/15 or so reverse lunges.  Not sure how far I rowed.  After the WOD we stretched our hamstrings and were taught the importance of eating real foods, note that shopping the outside rim of the grocery store is the way to go.
Can’t wait to start some of the mobility and functional movement pattern classes in the near future!