Preface: I have had a pair of these for just over a year now and have enjoyed them thoroughly.



The Nike Romaleos 2 is a premier weightlifting shoe designed for experienced power lifters, weightlifters, crossfitters or any serious lifter.  They’re improved over the first version by weighing lighter (50g each) and having increased flexibility in the forefoot to improve dynamic movements such as olympic lifting.


Some quick asides before we dive in:

  • Insoles – Comes with a training and a competition insole.  The competition is designed to be stiffer, I didn’t find much of a difference between them


  • Color – Unlike other weightlifting shoes it comes in a range of colors (style points?)


  • Wide – Every now and then someone mentions that they fit wider feet better.  With the two metatarsal straps I believe any size foot will be secure.


  • Arches – Noticeable arch support for those with flatter feet.  May feel uncomfortable for some, but I found no issue.  I have flat feet and tend to over pronate on squatting movements, leading to collapsed knees and ankles.  The arch support has significantly helped me during any squatting movement by providing proper support.


Alright, lets get started.

Nike Romaleos 2

Price: $170 USD

Manufacturer: Nike

Where to buy: Amazon ($260!) or Rogue ($170)




  • Durable:  I’ve had my pair for just over a year and can attest to their durability.  If you make sure to wear them only inside the gym, they should last for many years.  The only thing I could see wearing out is the laces and that would come from continually getting entangled with the velcro straps.  Tucking your laces into the shoe after each use will solve that.

Nike Romaleos 2 Blue

Year old Nike Romaleos 2, still in great condition

  • Versatile: Comes with a heel height of 0.75 inches.  Perfect for increasing squat depth, while maintaining a decent height from which to pull from the floor.  Also has enough forward flexibility in the toe box for dynamic movements.  Great for weightlifters and power lifters alike.

Nike Romaleos 2 Blue Reverse


  • Stability:  I was seriously impressed by how stable I felt squatting in these.  The unique arch support ensures that any force you generate is directly and evenly distributed to the ground.  It comes with two metartarsal straps to lock your feet in and prevent any lateral movement.


Nike Romaleos 2 Arch Support


  • Long Top Strap: The top strap is a bit too long and can drag along the floor.  It shouldn’t get in the way of any movement, its merely an eyesore.  There’s also the option of taking it to a cobbler or a pair of scissors.


  • Price:  For general fitness or weekend warriors, these are too pricy.  Only experienced and serious lifters should consider these.



There is a reason that the Nike Romaleo II’s are the weightlifting world’s premier shoe.  They provide top notch stability and durability, ensuring that force is transferred quickly and directly into the ground and thereby increasing your performance and safety.  They’re a great purchase for the experienced lifter willing to pay a premium for a quality shoe.  The average gym goer or weekend warrior would not benefit enough to justify the high price tag.



Click Here for the cheapest pair I could find.